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Why I Care About Blu-ray

While harbor no real love for Sony for some of the major douche baggery things they've done in the past, while they are a major supporter of the Blu-ray format, it isn't just them behind the standard. For the time being I personally think Blu-ray isn't worth the money as a HD video format except on 60+ inch displays, especially if you already have a pretty solid DVD collection.

However one aspect of Blu-ray that I am looking forward to is when the cost comes down on Blu-ray burners for computers. At 25GB a layer the discs are in a much better position to be a superior backup medium than DVDs. Considering you have a terabyte of data in your computer without breaking a sweat these days, being able to back up your critical data at 25 or 50GB chunks is needed.

Beyond just data backup the reason burnable optical media still has a place in your computer is the fact that it is disposable. Just because a 16GB USB flash drive is under 100 dollars now doesn’t mean optical media is useless. If you burn a CD or DVD to give to someone generally speaking you usually don't care if you get it back. USB flash drives aren't cheap enough to be disposable. Even if 4GB ones were down to around five dollars, it would still be too expensive to use and forget.

Once the burners get down to around $200 and the blank single layer media gets under a dollar a disc, I plan to get one for my computer.

Posted on: Sep 3, 2008 at 12:51 pm - (0) comments.

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