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Database Object Scanner

I've been working on this new program that is designed to be a deveopment tool that helps you keep your database clean. What it does is, it accesses your database and retrieves a list of all the database objects: tables, stored procedures, views, etc. and then it can scan your application and/or web source for references to these objects. It then generates a report that lists all the found objects, how many times they were found, if they were found in the application source and/or the web source, and the last place it was found.

I'm planning on having it support Access, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server initially. I've already got the MsSQL part down and the MySQL and Access parts are mostly there, just a few bugs to work out. But the scanning portion and all that is completely independent of the database type and thats all working too. I've uploaded a sample copy of the report onto my server.

The point of having this report then, is so you can see which objects are no longer in use in your code and can be removed. Plus on top of that, if something is found only once it tells you where and you can view your code to see if it is still needed.

I'm hoping I'll have a completely working version soon, possibly in another week. I'll add it to the projects area soon as well.

Posted on: Aug 12, 2004 at 10:28 pm - (0) comments.

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