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1k Visitors And Counting

I'm happy to announce that there have been more than a thousand visitors to my blog. Although it has been slow getting more content added to my site with my very busy schedule, I've been working on it this morning and updated the site with the latest build of my blog software. Most of the changes were on the admin side for me however. I've added the Database Object Scanner onto the projects page, there is still no new information or files available for it but I am still working towards the beta. I'll release a beta once I can work out two remaining bugs; one in the Access support and one in the MySQL one, both pretaining to how it gets a list of all the database objects.

As for my Doom 3 progress, I am not very far compared to Mitch who has already beat the game. But in my own defense, I've been busy lately and can only devote maybe an hour per day to playing it. I just replaced the coolant rod in the reactor in the facility just past the Alpha Labs.

Posted on: Aug 15, 2004 at 11:30 am - (0) comments.

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