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My Victory Over Fry's Electronics

Okay, so I got this 40GB external USB 2.0 hard drive back in November of 2003 from the Fry's Electronics in like Fountain Valley, California. At the time I got it with the 2-year "Instant Exchange and Performance Garentee" for an extra twenty bucks. It was great, and it prompted two of my friends to purchase similar drives out of intense jelaousy. ;)

Fast forward to about a month ago. The drive had been having some reliablity problems, files would get damaged frequently and the thing got extra noisy due most likely to a failing exhaust fan. So I unplugged the thing because I couldn't stand the noise and it had become almost too dangerous to use due to reliablity problems.

So once I had some free time, I went down to the nearest Fry's which is 45 minutes south of me on Friday, August 6th. I figured I'd be in and out pretty quick with that "Instant Exchange" thing and all. So I bring it in and I didn't have to wait more than a minute to get to talk to a service associate. I explain what is wrong with the thing and he says they need about five minutes to test it. I said that'd be okay, figuring after that they'd give me my new drive. Shortly thereafter, they say they need an extra 15 minutes and suggest I browse around the store. With nothing better to do, I head off and embarrass myself on the DDR pad for 15 minutes and then head back over.

Apparently they still weren't done "testing" it and needed 45 minutes. Irritated but not detered I agreed and grabbed a basket and went to do my shopping, since I did have things I needed. So after going and picking up some more blank DVD-Rs and cases and browsing the DVD movie section and playing some games I went back over.

Can you guess what happened next? They needed more time!!! This time it was three or four hours and they had the balls to suggest I continue to browse the store. Getting very pissed off and asked them what the hell I had paid for if it doesn't actually provide an "Instant Exchange" and to add irony to the situation plastered all over the place were copies of the contract highlighting the "fast, and instant exchange" of hardware and I quote "your product should fail during your Performance Service Contract, Fry's will replace your uninstalled product immediately." And when I pointed this out they brushed it off. So as you can possibly imagine, I was very upset. I told them to give me my drive back right away and went off and filed a complaint.

And at the bottom of all the contract information papers they had this phone number to call Fry's legal deptartment if you had any questions. So last Thursday I get around to calling them, the person I talked to was nice and forwarded me to the Director of Customer Relations who then forwarded me to the Assistant Store Manager of the store I went to. I talked to that guy and he was simpathetic to my situation and luckily I remembered the names of the people I delt with before so I named names, lol. So I made an appointment to meet to guy today at 2pm to straighten the whole thing out

So I head on down there and they were a helluva lot nicer there with the store manager right with me. They even gave me a Coke to drink while I waited. They wanted to test it again and after a little bit they just decided to give me store credit for my old drive since they couldn't reproduce the problem. *rolls eyes* BUT to my well deserved luck, they had a 160GB drive for 120 in the store and a 40 dollar mail in rebate, which means I'll end up making money of this little exchange once I get the rebate check back, lol.

What is amusing now, is I don't know what I'll do with all the disk space, lol. With this new drive, I am up to 484GB of storage space on my machine and only about 180 used.

Posted on: Aug 17, 2004 at 10:39 pm - (3) comments.

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