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Found Some Old School Tech

So I was cleaning up a bunch of junk in my garage when I found this box full of old motherboards. Plenty of old Penium 1 and 486 motherboards, some with processors and memory. I even found my old 386 motherboard with the CPU, math co-processor and memory still on it. But was one surprise was to find a Intel 8088 motherboard. It isn't my first computer even though that one was an 8088 it had a math co-processor and that was a big deal back in the day. Ever since I believe the 486DX forward, it was intergrated into the CPU. Being so old, I figured I'd take a couple pictures before putting it back into storage.

In the first picture, the processor is the chip to the right of the keyboard connector in the upper left hand side. All the little chips in the bottom right is the memory, I believe that board had 640k of memory on it. In the second picture you can see the model number and the CPU speed, thats right, 8 Megahertz. Now days my electric shaver probably has a faster processor in it, lol.

Posted on: Sep 14, 2004 at 6:50 pm - (0) comments.

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