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HL2: Only a Matter of Hours

Well, its only another 13 and a half hours until Half-Life 2 is released. I've got my pre-order on Amazon, I'm hoping to get it before Friday; which is probably good, so I can get some work done before then. I've waited this long, a couple days won't kill me. Except for the fact that one of my friends has a relative that is a programmer at Valve and got a free copy. He has it downloaded and has a key, he just has to wait until midnight when the server will activate his copy of the game; talk about lucky.

I can't wait until I get it and can start playing around with the gravity gun. It was fun when I was able to play the leaked alpha on someone's computer that had it. I'm looking forward to it because I like games that actually require planning and tactics unlike Doom 3 where its just blow the shit out of everything in sight. Not that I didn't have fun, it just wasn't as engrossing. I'm not worried about running the game, my computer definetly has enough horsepower to run it decently. I was able to run Doom 3 at 1024 at high quality.

Posted on: Nov 15, 2004 at 10:31 am - (0) comments.

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