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Been Workin' Hard

Well, I've been working hard and I've posted the results. Two new projects have been posted along with updates on two others.

The Database Object Scanner now has beta 3 posted. I've fixed a few bugs and completed a feature here and there. It's all in the release notes if you are interested.

The Episode Organizer also has a new build posted, build 87. It now includes a program for creating your own eLists. Also to note, the Episode Organizer now supports over 100 television shows. You can use the updater program to pick which ones you need unless you really want to install all of them.

Now onto my two newly posted projects, the Music Alarm Clock which will play a specified audio file at specified time. You can then select it to play once, Monday through Friday only, or everyday. It's a handy little program and I wrote because of a request from a friend.

The second program that was just added today is Desktop Background Switcher. It lets you automatically switch your background at a specified interval. You can point it at specific files or entire directories and it will pull the images from the said folder.

I've been amazed that I've actually gotten so much work done as of late. I just had this urge to do a bunch of programming and I acted on it. :)

Posted on: Feb 23, 2005 at 11:33 pm - (1) comments.

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