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Focus Lovin

Well, it has been a long time since I've done any real work on the Focus except for having a new battery and alternator installed in December after the alternator burned out and left my stranded in a blizzard in Eastern Oregon. So I finally got around to changing that.

I've finally purchased some new mods for the Focus. I bought a performance chip for from FocusSport. You can see their page specifically on chips here. It's pretty cool, I can't wait until I get it and can install it. With my setup, I should get an extra 5 horsepower at the wheels. Additionally I ordered it with an extra program with the valet mode so when that program is selected, the car won't go faster than 30mph. One of the main motivations behind getting the chip was the fact that it will make my automatic transmission preform better, especially at WOT (Wide Open Throttle).

Additionally I got a voltage gauge for the Focus, because if I had one, I would have known that my alternator was failing weeks before it left me stranded. So I obviously don't want that to ever happen again so that is why I am buying that. I also got a gauge pod for it so I can mount it on the A-pillar to the left of the gauge cluster.

Also I fixed my sticky throttle problem. It has been bugging me for months and what makes me mad is that it took literally five seconds to fix. The problem I was having was that the gas pedal was sticking from idle so if I only wanted to give the car a little gas, I had to press down hard on it to pop the gas pedal and it caused the car to lunge. So after talking with someone, I adjusted the idle screw on the throttle body and that fixed it! The idle screw is what sets the position where the butterfly in the TB stops when you let off the gas and since the gas pedal basically just opens that up to let more air into the intake manifold, the butterfly was getting jammed on the sides because it was closing to far thus making the pedal "sticky".

So yeah, I'm pretty stoked and can't wait until I get to have some fun and install the new mods. I'll post about it once I do.

Posted on: Mar 5, 2005 at 2:38 pm - (1) comments.

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