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Educational IM

It has been quite a long time now since I upgraded to version 3.0 of Trillian. One of the new features introduced in it was that it highlights words in your chat that are in Wikipedia. This feature is actually pretty cool and useful. I usually end up learning interesting things while chatting with people on the net.

So if someone mentions some movie, song, or uses some obscure word or anything else under the sun, it usually picks it up. Then I can mouse over it and read a ton about it. The image below is just an example demonstrating how it works.

And if you havenít discovered the coolness which is Wikipedia, strongly encourage you to check it out. What is even better, since it is an open source project, you can download their software and build your own Wiki website covering whatever you choose. For example, some people have created an open source Star Trek encyclopedia called Memory Alpha which has a huge amount of information on it.

Posted on: Apr 11, 2005 at 7:23 pm - (1) comments.

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