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I Got Me A Smoothie

So last week I built myself a Smoothwall machine to be my router and share my internet across my network. It is actually pretty cool thus far, it was a little pain to get it actually work since I was using a modem, and incidentally like the one modem that is that hardest to get working with the Linux 2.4 kernel. It is a US Robotics / 3Com 56k Modem Model 5610. Luckily I wasnt alone in having this problem and I was able to find someone who posted the commands to add support for a 5th serial port into the operating system.

But once I got it all working, it has been doing fine. I have it running on a Pentium II 350MHz with 128MB of memory and a 3.2GB hard drive. It has a nice web interface that you can use to modify settings and monitor the computer from so there is no need for a monitor and a keyboard on it. I could probably cut back the memory down to 64MB if I really wanted too as well.

The Smoothwall software even lets you have another network card so you can add a DMZ on your network so if you wanted to have like a web server or something similar on your network that could be accessed from the web, it would let you set that up. And it does all the other typical router things like port forwarding, VPNs, etc.

So yeah, I thought it was pretty cool and thought Id share.

Posted on: Jun 19, 2005 at 1:03 pm - (1) comments.

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