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A couple years ago Microsoft published a game called Freelancer. It is a space combat simulator where you play as a freelance pilot doing jobs for different people. The game is actually quite a bit of fun and I've played a fair amount of the multiplayer.

The multiplayer is similar to the single player, just without a central story line. Multiple human players can team together to do missions and you can trade cargo and other supplies just like the single player.

If they were to ever make a sequel to the game, there are a couple cool things they should definitely add. The first being able to own more than one ship at a time, some way of leaving your ship docked at a planet and take another one. This way if you wanted to, you could go from your fighter and into a freighter to do some cargo runs to make money.

The second idea would be some way to call for reinforcements from friendly ships in the area, human or AI players. It would probably be some sort of distress call type thing and it could even attract unwanted attention from other enemies in the area just to balance it out.

Finally the other aspect that would be cool to add would be to add a first person shooter (FPS) element to the game. This is no small order but it could make the game really awesome. You could like dock with other ships and board them and take them over or steal their cargo. The idea behind this aspect of the game allows for a lot different features in the game.

If you've never played the game and like space combat games, you should give it a try; it is actually a lot of fun. If liked games like Descent or Freespace or games like that, you'd probably enjoy it. And it is several years old now so it should run fine on most computers.

Posted on: Feb 10, 2006 at 2:15 pm - (0) comments.

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