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Episode Organizer Version 3

Over the course of maybe the last year, the ideas for version 3 of the Episode Organizer have been floating around. And from probably November of last year, we've began to write it off and on. It is being completely re-done in C++ from scratch. Things are really starting to come together with it. I wouldn't say we are close to being done but substantial progress has been made.

Here are some of the key highlights of the new version:
* An internal database to replace the need for Access if you don't have MySQL and it should be much faster than Access.
* Supported under Windows and Linux
* Alternate command line version
* Support for multiple episodes in one file
* An ignore list to permanently ignore files during a scan
* Completely re-designed main interface
* Improved performance speed-wise

The parts I'm responsible for, the common library, and the database abstraction layer are coming along nicely. I have also started working on the GUI which is starting to take shape.

The new processing engine is coming along; Mitch was able to process some Farscape episodes using the command line version.

As far as when Mitch and I will be far enough along to release a beta or even an alpha version, is still unknown but it will happen eventually.

Posted on: Aug 9, 2006 at 4:02 pm - (0) comments.

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