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VirtualBox and VM Link

So I've started using VirtualBox on my laptop to run some of my windows apps under Linux. (Like Visual Studio) And in VirtualBox 1.5 there is a new feature called "seamless mode" which makes the VM windows appear without the rest of the VM machine around it. So it makes it feel a little bit more like they are running on the host system.

This feature gave me an idea. How cool would it be if you could have shortcuts on the host machine to programs on the VM machine? So I could go to my K Menu then select "Visual Studio 2005" and it would start up VS2k5 on my windows VM and since it would be running in seamless mode, it would just show up like any other window.

So I decided to write a program to do just that. I call it VM Link. It has a server and client components. An additional feature I wish to add once I can get the afore mentioned functionality working is that the program running on the host side would add fake windows in the host Oses taskbar. The purpose of this would be that when the program is started, you could get focus to it by clicking on it you could bring the guest OS program back to focus.

I have currently started working on the VM Link program and have the client and server working so far that they can talk to each other. In addition authentication is working so only authorized host machines will connect to the guest OS. Without it, just think of the fun you could have by starting programs remotely on a friend's VM machine over the network. I am going to keep working on it through December and hopefully have a basic version done soon. And once I do I will blog about it some more and post the program.

Posted on: Nov 24, 2007 at 11:03 pm - (0) comments.

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